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Shooting group

When are the training sessions?

Every Tuesday from 5:30 untill 7:00 p.m. and every last Friday of each month again from 5:30 untill 7:00 p.m.

Where are they held?

We use the facilities of: Niederräder Sportschützenverein Oberst Schiel 1902 e.V, Golfstraße 17, 60528 Frankfurt.
Public transport: Number 21 tram to "Oberforsthaus" terminus or S7, S8, S9 to Niederrad S-Bahn station.

Do I have to attend regularly?

The training sessions are basically open to all (existing and potential) members, even if they don't (or can't) come regularly. The aim is to develop a "hard core" of members, so that those who train regularly can also expect to meet other FVV members there. It's more fun to meet up with members from your own club and to practise shooting together with others who of a similar level.

Who can take part?

It's a mixed group of men and women. Anyone interested in shooting can take part. Shooting is less about muscle power and more about concentration, awareness and endurance.

What should I bring along?

A positive attitude and plenty of enthusiasm! Our partner, the "Oberst Schiel" shooting club, provides the equipment. It puts sufficient pieces of shooting equipment at our disposal. The pellets (air gun ammunition) are also provided. No special clothing is required. Casual leisure/sportswear and flat trainers or sports shoes help ensure secure footing.

Which shooting disciplines are offered?

- Air rifle shooting 10m
- Air pistol shooting 10m
- Crossbow shooting 10m
- Gallery rifle shooting 15m

Training sessions:

Training run by the instructors of the "Oberst Schiel" shooting club.

Are there any additional costs for FVV members?

No, only the costs for the pellets (ammunition) have to be paid on the evening. Please contact the membership director to register you for the Shooting group: mitglieder@fvv.org (Uli).


Come along and join us!

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