Everything for €14 per month


Becoming FVV member is not expensive: Membership of the FVV is 14 € per month. For this regular membership fee you can attend all training sessions unlimitedly - except Boxing, Dancing, Tennis und Rowing. In case you want to get into those sports too your membership raises by a special fee of 8 € per month. For Squash the additional fee is 16 € . For details please refer to the "Beitragsordnung", which is available in German only.

The FVV gives membershp fee discounts for

  • students, apprentices, unemployed or handicapped persons (from a degree of disability of 50%), retirees,  and recipients of basic social care or
  • individual financial distress.

    The membership fee is due in advance for half a year in the first week of January (for the 1st half year) and in the first week of July (for the 2dn half year).


When you become FVV member / member of a FVV sport department you need to pay for the upcoming months of the running half year only; the recent month counts for payment until the 16th kalender day. Fees already payed for the respective period will be subducted. There is an exception for tennis. Please check with the head of the tennis department or FVV office.

Becoming FVV member is easy: Just fill out the online application and start having fun with the FVV.


Before becoming member you can check us out and attend three times training sessions without any obligation. Give it a try!

For more information please contact the FVV office.

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