About our team? 

We are about 12 people and everyone started trampolining as an adult. We have only one trainer, and so we are limited utilizing two trampolines. It is important to atted the training on a regular base, if possible, in order to make progress and have fun. You are welcome to join our team anytime for a test-training (up to three times).


When does our training take place? 

Thursday, 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm except school vacation and public holidays.

We meet at 8:15 pm in front of the main entrance. Subsequently, the door will be cloced. So please be in time!


Where does our training take place? 

Gymnasium Nord (Westhausen) in the gym, Muckermannstraße 1 60488 Frankfurt.

Public transport: subway line U7 to Praunheim, exit "Friedhof Westhausen“.

Currently, you can enter the school grounds via the parking area (entrance Krollwithstraße) only. Please note the school ground/ gym is outside the public motor scooter service area. 


Do I have to attend the thraining on a regular base? 

We are a team consisitng of employes adults and we unterstand that you cannot always participate. Nevertheless, regular training is important to keep and improve perfomance in this challenging sport. For organizational purposes, please let us know ehen you cannot join our training.


Who can join our training? 

Everyone. However, coordinative or spinal health issues and bone-joint diseases can be a problem.

Do I need any special equipment? 

Normal sportswear without any buttons or zippers (!) is required. For warm-up we need indoor sneakers and for trampolining socks are sufficient.


Are there any additional costs next to the membership fee? 



Do you participate in tournaments and workshops? 

Usually not, but participation in competitions can be planned an a personal level. 



Trainer:  André
Phone:  +49 (0) 177 – 67 82 962

"Come fly the friendly skies with us!"

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