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Cowboy danceSquare dance is a folk dance originating in the USA that has conquered the world since the 1950s.  Four couples face each other in a square and, according to what commands a caller calls out, they carry out movements and formations set to music.  These commands are standardized in English worldwide.  Thus, a dancer from Germany can travel to any square dance in the world and join in.  And at 120 to 140 BPM (beats per minute), it is an ideal combination of cardiac training and brain calesthenics in pleasant company. 

The FVV Square Dance group is the very first gay square dancing group in Germany, thus breaking new ground. 

Our new beginners course officially started in October 2014.


There are no training sessions during christmas break.

Thursdays, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.



SV Blau-Gelb Frankfurt, Am Ginnheimer Wäldchen 3, 60431 Frankfurt

Take the subway line U1 and exit at the station “Niddapark” (parking spaces are in front of the building)

All guests and interested parties are welcome!


Where can I look up the figures I just learned for practice?

We recommend the following links:
German: http://www.eaasdc.de/msdef.htm

English: http://www.callerlab.org/Default.aspx?tabid=610&;id=7

(By clicking the above mentioned links, you leave fvv.org. FVV is not responsible or liable for the content of external links.)


What level is danced?

Our dancing level is mainstream, consisting of 68 figures, which every square dancer first has to learn in class.  Every so often our caller might add in an old style figure.

One finishes the class with a "graduation."  Post-graduation training serves to solidify one's square dance knowledge, to improve one's dancing ability, and finally, of course, to socialize.  And again, square dancers who have graduated are able to visit clubs and events all over the world and join in the dancing.


Must I attend training regularly?

At least during the time the class runs, it is highly recommended to attend training on a regular basis.  Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson.  Repeating lessons is only possible on a limited basis.  After completing class, however, one can relax a bit more.


Who may attend?

Only FVV and Artemis members may participate in the beginners' classes.
Previous experience and/or proficiency in English are not necessary.


What must I bring?

Good spirits and a love of dancing.  We have no dress code:  jeans and shirt are fine, although it would be nice if the shirts had long sleeves.

Does it cost me any more than the basic FVV membership fee?

At the moment there are no further costs to attend.

Does the group also participate in tournaments and workshops?

Square dance is not a tournament sport.  There are no tournaments, no scores, no points and no referees.  Our main goal is simply to dance with each other (and have fun).

What does exist are so-called "specials," large-scale events with square dancers from many clubs and countries, usually with various callers, sometimes spanning several days.  (In the USA these specials are also called fly-ins due to the greater distances people travel, and these indeed span several days.)  Our goal is to participate in such events as well.  In Germany there are currently about 400 square dance clubs and four of them are in Frankfurt (including FVV).

Travel Banners / Friendship Books

We can issue travel banners and friendship books will be signed.



president: Holger
Tel.: +49 (0) 163 - 249 1965
Mail: squeerdancers@fvv.org

"Square 'em up, please!"

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