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Are you gay or lesbian and from eastern Europe?  Is an open and free gay-lesbian life in your eastern European home country unimaginable?  Is discrimination based on sexual orientation unfortunately more the rule than the exception?

Frankfurt's Outreach Eastern Europe sponsorship program can help!

Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in our annual gay-lesbian XMAS Tournament in Frankfurt, Germany.  Experience this unique mix of sports, contact and exchange.  Feel open, free and uninhibited.  Get to know and enjoy a different perspective on gay life as part of our community.  Outreach Eastern Europe helps provide the bridge you need to get here.  Sports bring us together... and unite.

Questions?  Do you wish to apply for assistance under our sponsorship program?
Write to us now.  fvv-outreach@fvv.org

It's this easy!  Just follow these steps to apply for assistance as an Outreach athlete:

Step 1:  Contact us and apply for Outreach sponsorship assistance as part of the XMAS online registration process.

Step 2:  We will write back and tell you what assistance we are able to provide (financial assistance, housing, etc.).

Step 3:  Is our sponsorship assistance enough that you can come and join us?  Yes?  Then please write back to us and confirm your participation in the XMAS Tournament in Frankfurt.  No?  Then please write back to us and let's see if we can work together to find a solution.

More Information about the terms of application of ourtreach

Registration XMAS Tournament HERE

In past years athletes from the following countries have received Outreach sponsorship assistance:  Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Our goal is to provide sponsorship assistance to as many athlethes as need it.  However, as Outreach Eastern Europe is self-funding and we are dependent on donations for all sponsorship assistance, we can only give out as much as we receive.  Also, please be aware that we give preference to athletes, teams and countries that have never participated in our XMAS Tournament before.


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