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We offer sailing courses in both theory and practice. As FVV does not own its own sailboats, we cooperate, as needed, with local sailing organizations and we also charter our own boats.  In 2010 we visited the Maas Lakes in Roermond (Netherlands) and set the gaff sail there.  In 2011 we sailed in/around Berlin and also on Lake Constance ("Bodensee").



All theory courses are held in the FVV Office (Friesberger Anlage 24).  The "practice" courses, i.e., actual sailing, are held in the Netherlands or on Mallorca.  The 2014 schedule depends on you.  

These courses will be offered:

"SBF Binnen",  
"SBF See" and
SKS courses (in cooperation with the sailing school) In order to pass and acquire thissailing license (permitting you to sail yachts within 12 sea miles of land), you need 300 sea miles practice.

The "practice" course SKS will be held in July on Ijsselmeer and October on Mallorca. The "practice" course"SBF Binnen" will be held twice a year on Ijsselmeer and around Mallorca. The "practice" course "SBF See" will be held several times a year. 


Must I attend training regularly? 

If you register for a course, then it is expected that you complete it.

In addition to the courses, we also periodically offer special events.  You are welcome to join in if you like!  For these events, members may participate even if they do not have their own sailing licenses...  you just need to have the desire to live in close quarters with other nice sailor boys on a small ship. 

Who may attend? 

Anyone interested in water sports and team sports is welcome to participate.  Yep, you're reading it right...  on the yawls we'll be workin' hard in teams of two or three, and on the yachts we'll be taking it easy with good cuisine and excellent wine.  No prerequisites are required--you don't even have to be able to swim--we have a boat, remember?  Previously the non-swimmers were not always welcome, but hey, who better will defend the ship with more élan and commitment?


What must I bring? 

Good spirits, a desire to be a part of a team, suitable attire according to the weather (sun or rain), a bathing suit, suntan lotion and most importantly, shoes that do not rub off their color(s) and are not cleated (that could pick up small stones and pebbles). 


Does it cost me any more than the basic FVV membership fee? 

If you participate in a course, then there are fees for the course (discounted, of course, for FVV members).  There are also charter fees and and the costs for traveling to, hotel, food, etc. at the various sailing destinations.  As we sail in groups, the costs are split making it all more affordable.  Thanks to our cooperation efforts, the costs are much less than if you were to take comparable courses and sail "on the market."  


Does the group also participate in tournaments and workshops? 

FVV participated in and placed third and fourth in the "hobby class" at the Gay Games in Cologne in 2010.  No regattas are currently planned.  As a DSV member, though, we may sail in all of the official regattas.



Division head:  Uli
Phone: +49 (0) 170 - 30 62 788
EMail: segeln@fvv.org 

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